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About New York 2010 - Why, How, When, Where

3 days off... let's visit New York City !

Réjane and Julien

We went to New York from Montreal by bus (10 hours) with Laura, Vincent, Frederic and me. We were in the same internship and we got 3 days off with the Easter. It was a Beltour's tour with a guide named Sacha.

Everything is big!

We were lucky to have 3 very hot days! It's amazing to see all the building, monuments, yellow taxis and people everywhere!

Too much pictures in 3 days!

I was too excited to be in NYC that I took a pictures of everything... I had more than 3400 photos before to clean and order them (currently 800). I remember I spent so much time to order all the pictures I decided to not do the same with my next trips!

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