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About EuroTrip 2014 - Why, How, When, Where

Goal and way

Today, the medias scare us about other people and humans tend more and more to be afraid of the unknown...

I hosted some people from France or other countries thanks to Couchsurfing (CS) and it was a great experience each time. They told me lot of stories and they gave me the wish to do something unusual too!

I wanted to check myself if it was possible to travel and meet people who want to share, discover and learn...

Why the North of Europe? because since I was a child, I've been wanting to go there and admire the landscape, the viking's history, Legoland, Fjord, churches, etc... I traveled by train with InterRail and slept in quite a few different places, from CS hosts' houses to hostels, without forgetting the occasonial stay at some friend's place.

7 countries, 35 days!

I started in Paris (France) on the 13th of July 2014 and finished in Helsinki (Finland) on the 17th of august 2014. I purchased an InterRail 1 month pass which allowed me to take any train without paying more. I went to a lot of railway stations and took many different kinds of trains! I spent 1 to 3 nights in each city, as I planned before the trip. You can see all the places I have been to on the sidebar ;)

For me, the best...

  • ... station was in Antwerpen (Belgium) with its 3 levels of rails and the old hall.
  • ... city was Stockholm (Sweden) because I didn't expect to see lot of things there, though I quickly found out I was wrong: islands to visit, a beautiful old town and most importantly the awe-inspiring royal palace
  • ... garden was in Hamburg (Germany), one of the biggest I've seen, filled with many varieties of flowers and other kinds of plants in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.
  • ... moments was when my hosts and I would walk the city, eat together and tell each others stories.

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