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About Japan 2017 - Why, How, When, Where

Goal and way

2 old friends in Japan, the dream to come in here with the animes I watched, so let's go!

I traveled by train ans shinkansen with the JR RailPass and I slept with people from CS, some friends and one hostel.

It was my first time in Asia. I met lot of people during my trip, THANK YOU EVERYBODY to share your time with me, it was awesome!

10 cities, 21 days!

It was between the 6th and the 28th of october (birthday of my mum). I start and finished in Nagoya in the place of my childhood friend. I went to a lot of railway stations and took many different kinds of trains! I spent 1 to 4 nights in each city, as I planned before the trip with some surprises. You can see all the places I have been to on the sidebar ;)

Night was coming fast

When I traveled in Europe in summer, I was used to have the time to visit outside. In japan, it was pity to see the night around 17h00, I knew I have to visit a maximum before the night.

My hosts was working very late, and with the early night, it was not easy to spent time as I wished.

Another world

Every time and everywhere, you can see people, in the street. I am not use in my small city! People in Japan looks more as a community than a personal vison of life. They take care of each other, and they think to others before to themeself. It's the inverse of Europe... the only problem (for me) is you can't guess if the japanses do/tell the thing to make you happy or just because they can't say no. It lack of sincerity sometime. The good thing is to feel very confortable and in security eveywhere ;)

Everbody should go in Japan one time in their life to the another way of life, completely different from Europe

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