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    JS Trip - all information about my trip

    Welcome to my world !
    All information about my trips
  • Map of my trip in Japan
    My friends
    Japan is another world
    10 cities, 21 days!

    In october 2017, I visited Japan, I met my childhood friend
    and I maked lots of friends (Tomodachi :)

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    Me trainstation and Interrail
    Discover my EuroTrip 2016!
    8 countries, 37 days!

    For the summer 2016, I traveled to the central of Europe by train with Interail.
    It was amazing to meet lot of people and visit theses cities!

  • Tandem sky!
    Discover my Tandem sky
    With my sister

    Begin of july 2016, I did a tandem sky in Cahors with my sister and a friend Pierre.

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    Réjane and Julien
    Duo Trip in Scotland!
    Lot of cities in 10 days!

    I visited Scotland with my friend Réjane for the summer 2015.
    We rented a car to travel the country, met people and watch nice landscapes

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    Discover my EuroTrip 2014!
    7 countries, 35 days!

    For the summer 2014, I traveled to the north of Europe by train with Interail.
    I met lot of people through Couchsurfing and saw lots of beautiful landscapes

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I really like to meet new people and spend time with theme!


I used different ways of locomotion : plane, train, car, bus, metro, bike...


I saw lots of differents landscapes. It was a pleasure to watch!

Drink and food

I tried so many foods and drinks, yet was never disappointed. ;)

Work in progress

Other countries I will show on this website in the future


Start the webpages


Finish the video!

EuroTrip 14/16

All is done!

Ireland & Canada

Put the page with pictures and do the video.

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