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About EuroTrip 2016 - Why, How, When, Where

Goal and way

My way of travelling is to meet people! Let's use Interrail for the last time with my 25 yo.

I traveled by train with InterRail and I slept with people from CS and one hostel.

It was so nice to spend time with people during my trip, THANK YOU EVERYBODY to host and share your time with me!

Why the Central of Europe? I didn't know the countries there and I wanted to discover theme before the end of Europe... When I listen to the government in France and other countries with people explaining me that they think about it, I am scare to see the end of the Europe :(

8 countries, 37 days!

I started on the 14th of july and finished on the 19th of august in La chaux-de-fonds (Switzerland) in my cousin's place. I purchased an InterRail 1 month pass which allowed me to take any train without paying more. I went to a lot of railway stations and took many different kinds of trains! I spent 1 to 4 nights in each city, as I planned before the trip with some surprises. You can see all the places I have been to on the sidebar ;)

Take the time, travel alone

The good thing by traveling with trains and be hosted by people is to adapt yourself : some time you have "to much time" and sometime "not enough". You need to take the time to do basics things like watch people in the street, watch landscape at the top of a tower by example. Meanwhile, sometime you have to select the stuff to do and jsut do the essential. In both case, it's your choice!

You can choose to eat or not (to spent more time in a museum for example), in my case I ate less than usual for my trip and it was enough! I didn't feel bad or sick, It allowed my to understand I eat too much in France...

Nothing bad happens to you when you travel alone, your mind is strong and you can try everything! Even if you are cold, you don't sleep enough, your mind is always ready to help you to be strong!

Travel alone is the best way to meet people, to discover yourself and learn lot of things. Everybody should do it one time in his/her life!

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